Friday, January 20, 2012

The Story Of Traveling Alone

I like to travel alone - like carrying luggage set foot on the train - like looking away full of new faces around - they like to sit next to the bustling listening to the speech - but after watching the scenery out the window flies ~ ~ not feel lonely and sad - because
Sometimes tired ~ ~ So, want to find a place to let yourself settle down - when I came to the romantic,,, my heart a voice told myself, is here ~

I choose to live in the beach town, as a child, I would like to enjoy the sea breeze ~ ~ Wei that the endless blue, make the heart irritable and then becomes quiet - wide - so every day at home, feed the animals - harvest crops, gardening grass, doing everything himself had not previously been done at night to the town's bars to sit, drink a little drunk, and then look at the lively crowd, who was thinking - if, like me, are lonely soul - because alone, therefore, need to find someone to accompany ~

Occasionally, to see the sunrise and sunset near the graceful bay ~ a person sitting on the beach, blowing sea breeze,, even on the road will be nostalgic for the days before - this way, day in this busy day after a day in the past ~ ~ ~ until one day,,, the master said to me,,, you go, to find the life you want ~ ~ ~ here, does not belong to you, here, but you never trip a station

Suddenly realized - the original back of each sitting on the beach - have been looking in the eyes - the original master of my heart still belongs to the distance ~ ~
Bid farewell to the master - once again packed up, ready to own the road ~ ~

However, much the dismay of many - after all, here, gave me a lot of good times ~

So, before leaving - I put my estate,,, into a whole piece of the blue ocean - and then picked up her backpack, ready to romantic travels everywhere ~

Ends of the earth, Homeward Trails Lake Channel - Seven Star Island ~ ~ ~ that the Mirror Lake drainage waterside long hanging heart - the highest in the sky island run-off ~ ~ ~ Willie North Valley wetlands - Gold Coast - Sunset Beach - Jade Mountain plains - the original - has been falling clouds to the sandbar pasture ~

I measured the romantic footsteps every inch of land in each town ~ ~ I left a message board I footprints ~ ~

Goodbye ~ romantic ~I will always miss you

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