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Thailand: Understanding the customs of Thailand

In Thailand 10% of the population working and living in Bangkok, at the same time there are 60% ​​of the wealth gathered.

Thailand Bangkok

Bangkok,Local Chinese, also known as "Krungthai".Therefore, in BangkokThailandis the name of the capital of the longest in the world ~ ~ Thai, said a totalof 167 lettersthe Chinese transliteration of "Christineposted Maha Nakhon", "Amon smart Dana Ge letter"Maryapricot Stella Yu Ye the the Maha bottom land soul,Nuopasmart Turner, Lecce NibulilongWu TongLacha Ni wei MahasatanAmon split Rahman wow Dan SadiSage Ta bottom Yewei Sa slave Gamba seats, "full name of a transliteration of the Latin text, there are142 lettersThe entire name of a fusion of two ancientIndian languages​​: Pali and Sanskrit, translated as City of Angelsmagnificent of the city, the eternal jewel city,the Indra of the city not destroy the world, giving ninegems the grand capital of the city of happiness, full ofmajestic Royal Palace they seem to rule round the world God of heaven, hometo give an IndraVishnuconstruction of the citySuch a long name is neitherwrite nor read good, so the Thais put it referred to as"total "Taifu"Foreigners known as the "Bangkok", is themeaning of the "City of Angels". The official name ofBangkok Thonburi Kyoto "Thai people generally referred to their own capital"Christine Post", "Xiandu".                                                                                                                                      Geography                                                                                                                                              Bangkok, the average about two meters above sealevel, which makes Bangkok often plagued face floodsin the rainy seasonAfter a rain, the streets of Bangkokoften stagnant water. Has a tropical monsoon climate.1960 - 1990Bangkok, the average temperature rise of2 degreesThe history of meteorological records-minimum and maximum temperatures were 40.8 ° C and 9.9 ° C.
Bangkok in the Chao Phraya RiverHuang River (abovethe mouth of the Chao Phraya RiverRiver, the Gulf of Siam Bay a few kilometers on the flat alluvial plain.Significant location marks its capital positionBangkok area of the plainsonly 0.5-1.5 m above sea levelan area of ​​about 1,600 square kilometers of its territorynorth of Nonthaburi and Pathum Thanisouth of NorthRugby House and Tsai houseadjacent to the NorthEast willow House and Pathum ThaniWest thenNonthaburi and Tsai Clan House.
The beauty of the Chao Phraya River from north to southwinding down to Bangkok, one divided into two, and finally into the Gulf of ThailandOnce upon a time,the Bangkok city river aspectfrequent freightwaterfair trade is very busyknown as "Oriental Venice".

Floating Market in Bangkok

Today, the development of the city makes most of therivers were filled, leaving only a few main stream of the Chao Phraya RiverChao Phraya River east ofBangkokthe modern New City Government's highest executive body such as the Royal Palace, Parliament,the government's official residence, the court, andhotels, commercial centers, airports, docks, factories,entertainment and so focused on thisChao Phraya River, west of the old city Thonburihow exquisite gardensremains a traditional colorMore than 200 years, Bangkok from a fishing village developed into anow optimize the large cities.

Sunset in Bangkok Thailand

In 1767, the capital of the Kingdom of Siam Ah Yu Tuo yeah big city was captured by Myanmar burned. 1782 Thonburi dynasty, Rama I, the capital of South moved to the West Bank of Chao Phraya River in Thonburi House, and was named Krung Thep Maha of Nakhon, meaning City of Angels; build this palace, repair walls, the Grand Palace and Jade Buddha Temple is one of the most distinguished representatives, and the construction of the first nine street in Bangkok, the most famous of the three recruits Street in ChinatownEast bank of the Chao Phraya River from a small market, and port development. Rama II and III period, the city build more and maintenance of many temples, including the Reclining Buddha and the Jinshan Temple. Chulalongkorn the Great (1868 -1910) era, the palace group of the north building, and removal of most of the walls; he served as the king continued north to build the palace. 1916 established the first university, Chulalongkorn University. 1937 divided into the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok and Thonburi cities. 1971 two cities merge into Bangkok - Thonburi metropolitan area, an area of ​​290 square kilometers. The composition of the Bangkok Thonburi Kyoto, in 1972, also known as the greater Bangkok area of ​​2000 square kilometers; City Center moved to the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, the West Bank are now regarded as old urban areas. Today, Thailand is the rule of the Chakri dynasty in the ninth generation of monarch Bhumibol Adulyadej King, but also pull Ma Jiushi. The founder of the dynasty Chao Phraya Chakri the throne in 1782Since the Qin emperor Rama I capital here in 1782, Bangkok became brings together all of Thailand's old and new lifestyle kaleidoscope. Comparison anywhere else in Bangkok, to better show the Thai people in the thriving modern development, still retains the traditional respect for the sincerity.
Religion Thai man's life must have once shaved head, wearing the robes of monks experience. Others to do the two monks, a 10-year-old, one after the age of 20, fled to the 227 days of Buddhism. Bangkok has a population of 92% Buddhist, 6% Muslim, 1% Christian, Jews, about 300 people, 0.6% Hindu. Bangkok, about 400 Buddhist Temple, 55 mosques, 10 churches, two synagogues.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok

Bangkok 19th century construction of the Dusit Palace (The Dusit) 

Bangkok has more than 400 temples, countlesslegends, known as the "Buddhist temple in the capital.In Bangkok, everywhere you can see the temples and monasteries, incense, smoke filled, with a strongoriental flavor.Rhodes drainage outside of the La JiaBao Bi Temple (Wat Rajabopitr), a glamorousarchitectural treasures, appearance and design aresuperior for; built in the Ayutthaya Ya period Suwan thatBlue Temple (Wat Suwannaram)beam column carvedinterior is also decorated with beautiful and movingmurals, are light bright building.
If you do not like the big city hustle and bustle of noisy,also have here the slow pace of traditional folkavailable to enjoy interesting. Bangkok on behalf of the country's culture and spirit, came to Bangkok, you will understand why Thailand will win the good reputation ofthe "smile states". No matter what age, you can findhere the most popular form of entertainment andbeauty, and we will let you linger.
The most suitable time to go Thailand beach from the low latitudes to high latitudesin the northern mountains throughout the year have their own style, are suitable for the visit. But relatively speaking, in October of each year in May next year'stourist season, most people are migrating from the north to the birds to come and enjoy the brilliantsunshine and the beach and the beauty of Southeast Asia. To the typhoon season, the beach is not suitable for travel, but also to the northern part of Chiang Maiand other nice place.

Devout prayer to Bangkok

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Thailand Bangkok (The Erawan Shrine)

Erawan Shrine, also known as four gods, gods of India, was originally a Hindu, Brahmanism, one of three main god Brahma, the god of the creation of heaven and earth, with four faces. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is considered to be the Custodian of the Buddhist god almighty, in charge of human wealth and status and promoting a harmonious Buddhist god; its sides towards the four cardinal points, respectively, for the faithful pray. As the approximate shape of the Chinese Buddhist statues, so many Chinese as Erawan Shrine. Erawan Shrine is a creation of God Brahma (Brahmā), Buddhist kings called Brahman, is the color industry Chuchan days. Brahma faith in India, though not extensive, but considerable influence in Thailand, but many believers.

Thai people worship and yearning for a long time the concept of Brahma. Thai phrom likhid refers to the number of days borrowed from Sanskrit, literally translated is Brahma notch. Since ancient times, Thai people believe that human life after birth, the number engraved on the sixth day of Brahma in his forehead. Traditional culture in Thailand - Buddhist culture also has the foundation of worship Brahma. India Brahma faith was spread in Indochina and have a profound impact on the local culture, but later subsided, more than 700 years, the Thai people more interested in the worship of the Hindu god Indra in another respect.

So now Thailand's Erawan Shrine worship, we can put it as Brahma worship in India, Thailand, the revival, which began in central Bangkok Erawan Shrine Erawan Hotel in front of the establishment. 1951 began the construction of Erawan Hotel, frequent accidents during the construction period, four years later has not completed. Hotel Management Committee held several meetings to explore solutions to problems, but none could, and finally it was suggested that participants wear to Major General Joseph Su Wei for help, he is said to have Tianyan Tong.

Major General Joseph Su Pei Wei reference trustee come after inspection concluded that the problem is the hotel's name "Erawan" too domineering. When things are not ground-breaking approach to seek the consent of the local gods and protection. Erawan God Indra's horse as though it is, but its status but rather with the latter. In view of the future, the world will become a land of frequent travel, etc., respectfully recommend Major General divinity higher than the gods Indra Brahma sits. Major parties in accordance with the instructions of the hotel at ceremonies in 1956, the hotel successfully completed. Opened immediately after casting Brahma statue placed in front of the altar, they opened the Brahma faith in the prelude to the rise of contemporary Thailand.

The Erawan Shrine Modeling

Thailand is not a fixed shape around the Erawan Shrine. The number of face and hands from the point of view, the majority of four eight hands. 3-6 century, India has emerged Brahma shape surrounded by four hands, but the display of ancient artifacts in Indochina until the 6-11 century Tuo Luo bowl to time, local people still believe the Brahma hand side,12-13 century when mostly surrounded by four hands.

So now in addition to Thailand, surrounded by statues of Brahma's eight hands, but also to see four hands and four second-hand side of the shape. Occasionally, one can also see five faces eight hands, and this is the use of India's legendary five-sided shape of Brahma, that there is a four-piece head.

Brahma created the legendary goddess of eloquence days spare women (Shatarupā, also translated Shatelupa), the female on the day of love with eloquence. Eloquence-day women feel wrong, so often go to Brahma's left, right, back and even flew above, for the convenience of living eloquence days to see women, who had a face of Brahma face to grow five. Brahma was another major offensive to Hindu gods - the destruction of God Shiva, Shiva said the ritual law, eloquence days women are Brahma's daughter, married daughters violated the ethical righteousness, so with the third eye on his forehead emitted flame, to burn off the top to see the heads of Brahma, then Brahma has only four faces are now common.

The Erawan Shrine in the hands of sacred objects, there are these types of objects. The implementation of the different sub-hand relics, such as prayer flag, by the book, conch, Falun, mace, kettles, beads and so on. Sitting posture that is the basic semi-Jiafu Zuo sit cross-legged on one leg, usually set right leg, left leg occasionally see the disk.

Erawan hand with law enforcement fingerprint device has its significance:

1 prayer flag: on behalf of universal magic
2 classics: of wisdom
3 Conch: Representative bless
4 Falun: on behalf of misfortunes, fell monsters, destroy trouble
5 tokens: first achievements on behalf of
6 bottle: on behalf of thirst; responsive
7 beads: on behalf of reincarnation
8 fingerprints: Representative bless and protect

Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand Thai incense altar is the stronghold of the most flourishing of religion in central Bangkok Erawan of Ratchadamri Road and Phloen Chit Road junction, near the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Sogo Department Store. Erawan altar set up in here, the reason, said in 1956 Erawan Hotel (formerly the Grand Hyatt Hotel) built when a series of unfortunate accidents occurred, the authorities therefore invited a Taoist practice, according to their suggestions Erawan Shrine so is safely and smoothly. Each year even more Buddhists and Hindus to this worship, most of which Hong Kong and Singapore. Muslims believe that Erawan extremely efficacious, if the desire to pray to reach after, believers must be prepared to sacrifice again this thanksgiving would also like to, or even their own or hire someone to song and dance. In Thailand and Southeast Asia, "Erawan" is considered extremely benevolent gods, so thanks to "Erawan" vegetarian meat to quit before, to show the love of animals, the faithful in their daily lives against abuse of animals. Erawan Shrine (Four-Face Buddmst ldol), known as "responsive" Buddha, the Buddha has four face Buddha, representing love, career, health and wealth, in charge of all human affairs, is the Buddha in Thailand one of the most popular incense. Of people who believe in Buddhism, to the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok to not worship, as Rumiao not worship, is an unthinkable thing. Erawan said the efficacious extraordinary, therefore, some visitors to the Erawan Shrine before the promise and oath would also like to travel in Thailand many times, there are many film stars Hong Kong and Taiwan, Thailand every year to worship the Erawan Shrine, seen Erawan charm.

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Thailand She-male miserable life

Half of Thailand, mainly in the coastal city of Bangkok and Pattaya. Pattaya is Thailand's leading tourist destinations, Pattaya has several well-known dance troupe She-male, She-male impressive to see the highest level of artistic performance.

Half the number of people in Thailand do not have a precise figure, but according to Thailand's current 60 million population, and the community generally agrees that She-male in the proportion of men in the presence of 2%, the number of She-male there should be 60 million people.

Half of Thailand's tourism industry a major highlight of the show, She-male must-see show of many tourists. Half of Thailand, in the magic of the night, day after day interpretation of "their" bitter life. This group dressed in white garments She-male. She-male is famous queen. As for the She-male, excellent, one million baht monthly salary, poor, or only a few thousand dollars to thousand dollars. And they performed an average of more than a day. Because the total is well known, She-male's only 40 years old average age, so She-male had to desperately to earn money to maintain and extend their lives. Following this group is dressed in white clothing Half Pegasus real shot in Thailand.

Stage performances of She-male mostly slim delicate features, look back between the lifestyles of thousands. Like a "fairy" down to earth in general, China's pseudo-mother is definitely not the opponent

The most emotional place, or Half of these are open collar too low to show passion, it also exposed the entire white "breasts", which will undoubtedly have a great deal of international visitors temptation.

Half show performers content, encompasses countries and representatives of ethnic dance music, not only attract tourists, even locals often visit. Many also a special show in Half Chinese songs, drama performances, do not have a flavor. But a lot of time is to put She-male concert tapes, because they can not be completely feminine vocal Half reasons.

According to the tour guide: Half of the produce of Thailand, there are various different versions. There is a saying from India's "Opera" evolved. The purpose of India's eunuchs, naturally is to prevent "backyard situation changed." Because of this eunuch of great mobility, and slowly flowed into Thailand, in Thailand the country where the proliferation of this particular boom.

In fact, most are still many She-male, "man", but the chest uplift, slim waist, complete loss of fertility, we can usually identify by sound. With the requirement that there psychopath and transgenders people are different, in the absence of She-male the case of inner psychological need to force the body distortion. Therefore, due to the special social environment and causes, She-male became an object for people to enjoy the fun.

In Thailand, She-male usually come from poor families, so many of the show while She-male only sold themselves, and people who buy their body but those international visitors. Because many men are holding the adventures of the mind, come and have sex with She-male.

She-male Song and Dance Theater in Bangkok free of charge in the hall and She-male camera, taking pictures in Pattaya to pay a 20 baht tip She-male. After each performance, the actors rushed toward the side door begins with the large square in front of bed side pictures with the audience. Half of the monthly income is 3000-10000 baht, according to photo tip is from their own money. In order to bring some small fee, they dressed in luxurious costumes, the best place to put in flower beds all obsequiousness, smiling to attract an audience.

General to a few hundred baht you can find a night with She-male, who, according to European and American guests said it was "love dynamic soul point." In order to maintain the shape of woman's skin and posture, all physiological functions must be disrupted. They have excessive injections, medication, hormone injections, such a result, serious physical and mental being destroyed, so She-male's life are generally not long, about forty of the normal age at death. Only a very few rich men fall in love and are willing to spend money to do expensive She-male sex change operation in order to make them into "real woman."

In Thailand, a sex change operation of the medical costs are high, the vast majority of Simon, it was the elusive thing, totally muddy the age of 40 this life, is never significant part of She-male's portrayal.

This is a glimpse of red-light district in Bangkok, Thailand, in order to survive, She-male had to hard to make money. However, in addition to selling their way to make money other than hue, and no choice.

According to tour guide, She-male in Thailand have specialized training school, slim, handsome face of the boy from an early age start school culture, from dress to behavior to feminine hobbies are training and training. More importantly, eat estrogen, on the one hand inhibit the male genitalia, and gradually shrinking the genitals become short and small; the other hand, can promote the body's metabolism to woman's development, the gradual emergence of woman's characteristics, the skin becomes was white and smooth, flexible, breast uplift, the hip developed.

In fact, She-male's life is not easy. She-males in Thailand although it is not really accepted by mainstream society, but fortunately did not suffer severe discrimination, said the school will have some motivated students Simon, Simon mall will have some sales.

In Thailand, met She-male is not accidental, never quite on the strange.