Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thailand She-male miserable life

Half of Thailand, mainly in the coastal city of Bangkok and Pattaya. Pattaya is Thailand's leading tourist destinations, Pattaya has several well-known dance troupe She-male, She-male impressive to see the highest level of artistic performance.

Half the number of people in Thailand do not have a precise figure, but according to Thailand's current 60 million population, and the community generally agrees that She-male in the proportion of men in the presence of 2%, the number of She-male there should be 60 million people.

Half of Thailand's tourism industry a major highlight of the show, She-male must-see show of many tourists. Half of Thailand, in the magic of the night, day after day interpretation of "their" bitter life. This group dressed in white garments She-male. She-male is famous queen. As for the She-male, excellent, one million baht monthly salary, poor, or only a few thousand dollars to thousand dollars. And they performed an average of more than a day. Because the total is well known, She-male's only 40 years old average age, so She-male had to desperately to earn money to maintain and extend their lives. Following this group is dressed in white clothing Half Pegasus real shot in Thailand.

Stage performances of She-male mostly slim delicate features, look back between the lifestyles of thousands. Like a "fairy" down to earth in general, China's pseudo-mother is definitely not the opponent

The most emotional place, or Half of these are open collar too low to show passion, it also exposed the entire white "breasts", which will undoubtedly have a great deal of international visitors temptation.

Half show performers content, encompasses countries and representatives of ethnic dance music, not only attract tourists, even locals often visit. Many also a special show in Half Chinese songs, drama performances, do not have a flavor. But a lot of time is to put She-male concert tapes, because they can not be completely feminine vocal Half reasons.

According to the tour guide: Half of the produce of Thailand, there are various different versions. There is a saying from India's "Opera" evolved. The purpose of India's eunuchs, naturally is to prevent "backyard situation changed." Because of this eunuch of great mobility, and slowly flowed into Thailand, in Thailand the country where the proliferation of this particular boom.

In fact, most are still many She-male, "man", but the chest uplift, slim waist, complete loss of fertility, we can usually identify by sound. With the requirement that there psychopath and transgenders people are different, in the absence of She-male the case of inner psychological need to force the body distortion. Therefore, due to the special social environment and causes, She-male became an object for people to enjoy the fun.

In Thailand, She-male usually come from poor families, so many of the show while She-male only sold themselves, and people who buy their body but those international visitors. Because many men are holding the adventures of the mind, come and have sex with She-male.

She-male Song and Dance Theater in Bangkok free of charge in the hall and She-male camera, taking pictures in Pattaya to pay a 20 baht tip She-male. After each performance, the actors rushed toward the side door begins with the large square in front of bed side pictures with the audience. Half of the monthly income is 3000-10000 baht, according to photo tip is from their own money. In order to bring some small fee, they dressed in luxurious costumes, the best place to put in flower beds all obsequiousness, smiling to attract an audience.

General to a few hundred baht you can find a night with She-male, who, according to European and American guests said it was "love dynamic soul point." In order to maintain the shape of woman's skin and posture, all physiological functions must be disrupted. They have excessive injections, medication, hormone injections, such a result, serious physical and mental being destroyed, so She-male's life are generally not long, about forty of the normal age at death. Only a very few rich men fall in love and are willing to spend money to do expensive She-male sex change operation in order to make them into "real woman."

In Thailand, a sex change operation of the medical costs are high, the vast majority of Simon, it was the elusive thing, totally muddy the age of 40 this life, is never significant part of She-male's portrayal.

This is a glimpse of red-light district in Bangkok, Thailand, in order to survive, She-male had to hard to make money. However, in addition to selling their way to make money other than hue, and no choice.

According to tour guide, She-male in Thailand have specialized training school, slim, handsome face of the boy from an early age start school culture, from dress to behavior to feminine hobbies are training and training. More importantly, eat estrogen, on the one hand inhibit the male genitalia, and gradually shrinking the genitals become short and small; the other hand, can promote the body's metabolism to woman's development, the gradual emergence of woman's characteristics, the skin becomes was white and smooth, flexible, breast uplift, the hip developed.

In fact, She-male's life is not easy. She-males in Thailand although it is not really accepted by mainstream society, but fortunately did not suffer severe discrimination, said the school will have some motivated students Simon, Simon mall will have some sales.

In Thailand, met She-male is not accidental, never quite on the strange.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Story Of Traveling Alone

I like to travel alone - like carrying luggage set foot on the train - like looking away full of new faces around - they like to sit next to the bustling listening to the speech - but after watching the scenery out the window flies ~ ~ not feel lonely and sad - because
Sometimes tired ~ ~ So, want to find a place to let yourself settle down - when I came to the romantic,,, my heart a voice told myself, is here ~

I choose to live in the beach town, as a child, I would like to enjoy the sea breeze ~ ~ Wei that the endless blue, make the heart irritable and then becomes quiet - wide - so every day at home, feed the animals - harvest crops, gardening grass, doing everything himself had not previously been done at night to the town's bars to sit, drink a little drunk, and then look at the lively crowd, who was thinking - if, like me, are lonely soul - because alone, therefore, need to find someone to accompany ~

Occasionally, to see the sunrise and sunset near the graceful bay ~ a person sitting on the beach, blowing sea breeze,, even on the road will be nostalgic for the days before - this way, day in this busy day after a day in the past ~ ~ ~ until one day,,, the master said to me,,, you go, to find the life you want ~ ~ ~ here, does not belong to you, here, but you never trip a station

Suddenly realized - the original back of each sitting on the beach - have been looking in the eyes - the original master of my heart still belongs to the distance ~ ~
Bid farewell to the master - once again packed up, ready to own the road ~ ~

However, much the dismay of many - after all, here, gave me a lot of good times ~

So, before leaving - I put my estate,,, into a whole piece of the blue ocean - and then picked up her backpack, ready to romantic travels everywhere ~

Ends of the earth, Homeward Trails Lake Channel - Seven Star Island ~ ~ ~ that the Mirror Lake drainage waterside long hanging heart - the highest in the sky island run-off ~ ~ ~ Willie North Valley wetlands - Gold Coast - Sunset Beach - Jade Mountain plains - the original - has been falling clouds to the sandbar pasture ~

I measured the romantic footsteps every inch of land in each town ~ ~ I left a message board I footprints ~ ~

Goodbye ~ romantic ~I will always miss you

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Need Travel

Travel can see the mountains and rivers, human culture, architectural style, a lot of feelings. A person, always had a lot of mountains, take a lot of road. The passage of time, regardless of the clock of life what pushed us into a position in the complicated life, Shun Ye Hao, reverse, the one who always has to gain momentum and never let their own source of happiness, has completed his the road. Years of blue skies and rainy days is also a landscape. Life is always colorful and diverse, rich colors are always dazzled us have often been confused by a variety of perceptions, distinguish right and wrong, unknowingly lost the original self, acquisitiveness ambitions. Finally, I do not know how many people had the choice of paying a heavy price. In fact, God is fair, it gives you something will definitely take away from your body, like the other. Do not just looking at, and not notice you quietly lost. The world is quiet, not just those quiet Xuanza of people, or should enjoy life, our hearts should be very peaceful, more places will know more, sentiment is more!