Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Need Travel

Travel can see the mountains and rivers, human culture, architectural style, a lot of feelings. A person, always had a lot of mountains, take a lot of road. The passage of time, regardless of the clock of life what pushed us into a position in the complicated life, Shun Ye Hao, reverse, the one who always has to gain momentum and never let their own source of happiness, has completed his the road. Years of blue skies and rainy days is also a landscape. Life is always colorful and diverse, rich colors are always dazzled us have often been confused by a variety of perceptions, distinguish right and wrong, unknowingly lost the original self, acquisitiveness ambitions. Finally, I do not know how many people had the choice of paying a heavy price. In fact, God is fair, it gives you something will definitely take away from your body, like the other. Do not just looking at, and not notice you quietly lost. The world is quiet, not just those quiet Xuanza of people, or should enjoy life, our hearts should be very peaceful, more places will know more, sentiment is more!

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